Frequently Asked Questions

The varius generators allow you to generate different minecraft items and entities. We also try to offer different solutions to use them ingame. You can also save the generated items/entities to edit them alter or use them in other places. (Like most items can be used in the Shop Generator)
Everything gets saved in your browser trough the localstorage. If you happen to go to a different machine and/or remove your whole browser data dont expect the data to still exist. Usually localstorage is persistent on the specific browser if you dont really remove everything manually.
If you play on a server and a plugin overwrites /give, you may just use /minecraft:give instead.
You may not use nicknames of famous people. If you do so we may claim the name back if requested.
As long as you share legit Minecraft commands i dont really care. I clearly would prefer cool items that add some value with nice thought out descriptions, but it is up to you. If i consider something as spam i will remove it (may talk to your first).
You can only fork items that are created on this site. We dont (yet) are able to parse actual commands into our forms.
When i came back after some time to minecraft i was totally overwhelmed by the new possibilities. Eager to create things i noticed that while there exist "command generators", i have no idea what i would put into them. I still had to research the possibilities and in the end craft my own commands.

So i decided to create this site with specific purpose generators to make it as simple as possible to create awesome custom minecraft content.
If you have some questions or suggestions, _me_ is @talkb1nary