en 1.17.x, 1.18.x, 1.19.x (and 1.16 with a few tweaks) /summon Game mods

This takes less than 20 seconds to set up for the average speedrunner- Just run the commands in a new world, play the game, rinse, repeat.
No plugins/datapacks/mods needed.
It can be run on any vanilla JAVA worlds/servers or realms that play on 1.17+



- Up to 10 players

- Choice between having 1 or 2 randomly chosen imposters.

- Choice of 11 different nametag colors.

- Crewmates win by completing all 8 of the randomized Tasks OR killing all imposters.

      - e.g., task could be: "Craft Diamond Block" or "Kill Creeper" etc.

- Imposters win by killing all Crewmates.

- Imposters can use an ability every 15 minutes to set the nearest crewmate within 20 blocks to 1 heart and give them blindness for 15 seconds.

- Imposters know who each other are (and who has just been blinded by the other imposter)

- Holding a lightning rod in your offhand will give everyone the glowing effect (to show colors through walls) this is balanced by giving the user Hunger V.


  1. Load up a fresh/existing world. (ensure command blocks are turned on/are allowed)
  2. Place a command block anywhere in the world and attach a lever directly to the SIDE (not the top)
  3. Get all players to join the server
  4. Get the PART 1 command and paste it in the command block.
  5. Run the command with the lever. (Something special should happen if you have done it right)
  6. Get the PART 2 command and paste it in to the same command block.
  7. Run it.
  8. Get the PART 3 command and paste it in to the same command block.
  9. Run it.

=== SET UP DONE ===

The closest person to the command block when the last command is run will become the HOST. (Make sure it is you)

The host will receive a message in chat which will give them options to Start the game and other options.

- Choose colors by clicking the "Choose Colors" option in chat

- Set the number of Imposters

- Start the game.








The command in the box at the bottom of the page is PART 1 ONLY. You can copy paste it into the world, but you need to get parts 2 and 3 after from the links above:

(boys I haven't actually tested it on 1.16 but it might work with the execption of the lightning rod functionality not existing- if you want to play it on 1.16.1, just paste each part of the command onto a word doc and Cntrl+F the phrase "lightning_rod" and change every instance to any other item you want)

The command

Note: Minify the command to avoid issues :)

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