en1.8+/executeAnderesIron golem spawner by donute6674 minecraft avatar donute6674

en1.8/executeAnderesRAINBOW PARTICLES by minermaster1209 minecraft avatar minermaster1209

en1.8/executeMechanismuscrash anyones game by witherblock_abs minecraft avatar witherblock_abs

enAny with Command Block usage/executeBefehl ErklärungenFireball bow by owen275 minecraft avatar owen275

en1.8/executeAnderesDESTROY THE WORLD WITH ONE COMMAND! by steve1a minecraft avatar steve1a

en1.9/executeWerkzeug & WaffenThe Lightning Arrow by the monster spawner minecraft avatar the monster spawner

en1.8/executeAnderes ItemEXPLODING SNOWBALLS! by mineyours06 minecraft avatar mineyours06

en1.8/executeAnderesFireball !!!!!!!! by lexo minecraft avatar lexo

en1.8/executeAnderesTHE HEROBRINE COMMAND!!! by crazyscientist89 minecraft avatar crazyscientist89

en1.8, 1.9/executeGame ModsWalk over air by legogeek616 minecraft avatar legogeek616

en1.11.2/executeWerkzeug & WaffenSnow ball=fire ball! by noch minecraft avatar noch

en1.8/executeWerkzeug & WaffenKILL AURA, no mods, 1.8.x, 1.9.x by rgkewl minecraft avatar rgkewl

en1.11+/executeGame ModsMORPH MOD IN ONE COMMAND! by matthewthemason minecraft avatar matthewthemason

enIDKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKkk/executeAnderesLightning snowball by lolwutxp minecraft avatar lolwutxp

enOnly Tested in 1.11.2/executeAnderesZeus' Wrath by supermario7953 minecraft avatar supermario7953

en1.8, 1.9/executeWerkzeug & WaffenSuper TNT by legogeek616 minecraft avatar legogeek616

en1.10.2/executeWerkzeug & WaffenBoom bow by nitroblock minecraft avatar nitroblock

en1.8+/executeAnderesRainbow Particles Command by muffincoffin minecraft avatar muffincoffin

en1.8/executeAnderes ItemLightning SnowBall by nuclearcat2 minecraft avatar nuclearcat2

en1.10/executeAnderescool particles by mossymobspawner minecraft avatar mossymobspawner

en1.8/executeWerkzeug & WaffenMaking a bow shoot Fireballs!!!!! by themajesticsteak minecraft avatar themajesticsteak

en1.8+/executeWerkzeug & WaffenTurning a Snowball into a fireball!!! by themajesticsteak minecraft avatar themajesticsteak

en1.8?/executeAnderesA funny prank. by ordinaryotto minecraft avatar ordinaryotto

en1.8/executeAnderes ItemFlaming Arrow (Personnaly Made By MCShadowz) by mcshadowz minecraft avatar mcshadowz

en1.11.2/executeAnderesUltimate Explosion by alenfex minecraft avatar alenfex

en1.9 and up/executeGame ModsParticle Trails by munchkin_99 minecraft avatar munchkin_99

en1.8/executeBefehl ErklärungenRaining cloud effect that follows you around by ximpulsiifsushii minecraft avatar ximpulsiifsushii

en1.11 (Maybe others)/executeGame ModsMinecraft stars! by gamertwins2 minecraft avatar gamertwins2

en1.8/executeRüstung1v1 by o_omgadam minecraft avatar o_omgadam

en1.8/executeAnderesthor, the furious by iceskeleton_pvp minecraft avatar iceskeleton_pvp

en1.10+/executeAnderesInfinite Tnt by doctoryt152 minecraft avatar doctoryt152

en1.8/executeAnderesMinecraft TRAILS by mrwizerd_2 minecraft avatar mrwizerd_2

en1.9/executeMechanismusInsta-House by nobodybestfriend minecraft avatar nobodybestfriend

en1.8/executeAnderesDiamond Duplicator by night_shed minecraft avatar night_shed

en1.9/executeRüstungmade by kirigaya kazuto by kirito minecraft avatar kirito

en1.11.2/executeWerkzeug & WaffenFirebow by noch minecraft avatar noch

en1.8/executeAnderesSNOW BALL RAGE by redstarcreeper99 minecraft avatar redstarcreeper99

en/executeAnderesCool Lightning Snowballs by nemoturtle8 minecraft avatar nemoturtle8

en1.8/executeBefehl ErklärungenMagic snowball tnt by watergamingplayz minecraft avatar watergamingplayz

enany/executeAnderesSUPER HACKER COMMAND(WALK ACROSS AIR and change block your on) by thiccck_bob minecraft avatar thiccck_bob

en1.14 or higher/executeAnderesBat overload (Antvenom command) by biglegsbigteeth minecraft avatar biglegsbigteeth

en1.16+/executeAnderesMinecraft, but you can't touch grass... by skycoscipics112 minecraft avatar skycoscipics112

en1.6-1.8/executeWerkzeug & WaffenLightning arrow 2.0 (only lightning when hit land)(won't damage yourself) by waihong minecraft avatar waihong

enonly tested in 1.12/executeGame ModsLightningy Goodness by noggy05 minecraft avatar noggy05

en1.12.2/executeGame ModsSCAFFOLD NO HACKS NO MODS WITH A COMMAND! by omg_e0m_fire_xxx minecraft avatar omg_e0m_fire_xxx

de1.12.2/executeAnderesGod Arrows by fish3_0 minecraft avatar fish3_0

en1.8/executeBefehl ErklärungenBow that shoots lightning! by robertex678 minecraft avatar robertex678

en1.7 (any version with command blocks)/ExecuteBefehl ErklärungenBow shoot lightning by iiwigglytoezx minecraft avatar iiwigglytoezx

en1.12/executeAnderesHeart Particle Command by xxyanderemoonxx minecraft avatar xxyanderemoonxx

en1.2.10/executeTiere & Monsterwither bomb by autobot88733 minecraft avatar autobot88733