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this pickaxe has a weird name

Brief explanation:

/give @p diamond_pickaxe{Unbreakable:1,display:{Name:'{"text":"VeRyPrOpIcKaXe","underlined":"true","obfuscated":"true","color":"blue"}'}}

/give @p is used to give the closest player the item

{Unbreakable:1 makes it unbreakable, 1 means unbreakable, but it can also be set "true"

display:{Name:'{"text":"VeRyPrOpIcKaXe" is the base to give the command attributes like underlined and color

underlined":"true","obfuscated":"true","color":"blue" are attributes

}'}} you need to close "{" because without closing them the command wont work

Note: you can change colors and "true" to "false" but for colors you need to research what they are called for example Dark_red , you can also change a bunch of stuff like the item from pickaxe to for example a golden_hoe

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