en1.8/summonGame modsLUCKY BLOCKS!!! NO MODS!!! by philip_wagaming minecraft avatar philip_wagaming

en1.8/summonOtherHOTEL ONLY ONE COMMAND BLOCK by emiliusamigos10 minecraft avatar emiliusamigos10

en1.8/summonTutorialsPortal Gun by erdalith_ minecraft avatar erdalith_

en1.8/summonMechanismsBig House by mogang minecraft avatar mogang

en1.8/summonArmorGod Armor Kit by ifocux minecraft avatar ifocux

en1.8/summonOthermake houses! by callumgraham minecraft avatar callumgraham

en1.10/summonGame modsPokemon Go (Only One Command) by jiahwitchdoctor minecraft avatar jiahwitchdoctor

en1.8/summonGame modsGenerate Structures With Only One Command Block! by commandblockmaster minecraft avatar commandblockmaster

en1.9 1.10/summonOtherModern house 8 "One command block" by jar9 minecraft avatar jar9

en1.8/summonArmorBECOME IRON MAN WITH ONE COMMAND! NO MODS! by orangecreep3r minecraft avatar orangecreep3r

en1.8/summonOther itemsGet cool minecraft banners in ONE COMMAND NO MODS! by orangecreep3r minecraft avatar orangecreep3r

en1.8/summonTools & WeaponsLightning Rod by enderdragon1257 minecraft avatar enderdragon1257

en1.8+/summonTools & WeaponsPokeball in MINECRAFT one command!! by ertdmm minecraft avatar ertdmm

en1.8/summonOtherThe Flash (by ItsZender) by maturedragon123 minecraft avatar maturedragon123

en1.8/summonCommand instructionsLUCKY BLOCK by levibring@gmail.com minecraft avatar levibring@gmail.com

en1.9/1.10x/summonTools & WeaponsOp tools weapons and armor one command in 1.9 and 1.10x by sieyn minecraft avatar sieyn

en1.8.8/summonOtherSmall House: One Command by unionthunder minecraft avatar unionthunder

en1.8.7/summonMechanismsOne Command Parkour Map Generator by fantomlx minecraft avatar fantomlx

en1.8.x/summonTools & WeaponsGuns by 2drybones minecraft avatar 2drybones

en1.8.4 1.8 1.8.3/summonGame mods☮ Special Bombs = Virus Bomb, Portal Bomb, Underground Nuke, Pulverizing Bomb by mjmamore minecraft avatar mjmamore

en1.9/summonTools & WeaponsDriving Car in Vanilla Minecraft! 1.9 by ajasona minecraft avatar ajasona

en1.8.4 mabey/summonGame modsRockets minecraft one command by skylarmudkipz minecraft avatar skylarmudkipz

en1.9/summonOthermodern house in one command by therealsamsuperlego minecraft avatar therealsamsuperlego

en1.8/summonGame modsFNAF animatronics In one command by xxcrazypersonxx minecraft avatar xxcrazypersonxx

en1.8-15w40b/summonMechanismsPlane !! by sekamine minecraft avatar sekamine

en1.8/summonOtherlucky blocks 1.8! NO MODS one command creation by kevintr minecraft avatar kevintr

en1.8.7/summonTutorialsFarmHouse by andersonlfgamer minecraft avatar andersonlfgamer

enEVERYONE/summonCommand instructionsplayer statue (MACHINE) by lykakspars minecraft avatar lykakspars

en1.8.4+/summonMechanismsjetpacks IN MINECRAFT! by jjtheherobrine minecraft avatar jjtheherobrine

en1.10/summonGame modsDouble Jumping (Only One Command) by jiahwitchdoctor minecraft avatar jiahwitchdoctor

en1.8.1+/summonMechanismsGrappling Hook by drpigy minecraft avatar drpigy

en1.8/summonArmorrainbow armor! by jess minecraft avatar jess

en1.8/summonGame modsMinecraft MoFurniture Mod By IJAminecraft by allthewhile minecraft avatar allthewhile

en1.8/summonGame modsExplosive Arrows by mlakuss minecraft avatar mlakuss

en1.8.4/summonOtherMario level creator in one command by hani_369 minecraft avatar hani_369

en1.8/summonOtherSpider man Only One COMMAND by poom minecraft avatar poom

en1.9/summonMobs & PetsMorph Command! Turn into ANY mob! by universerocket minecraft avatar universerocket

en1.8.4 and higher/summonGame modsmoon and space ships by bogdanw1 minecraft avatar bogdanw1

en1.8/summonGame modsMISSILES in Minecraft by dot01 minecraft avatar dot01

en1.8/summonCommand instructionsRobot Only One Command by thecoder minecraft avatar thecoder

en1.8/summonOtherMinecraft Hotel Only One Command [OOC] by philip_wagaming minecraft avatar philip_wagaming

en1.8/summonGame modsRed/Lava Dragon Pet! by retlocpeck minecraft avatar retlocpeck

en1.8/summonOtherFNAF Anamatronics by wizard_keen minecraft avatar wizard_keen

en1.8.3/summonOtherInstant City by kanaatiban minecraft avatar kanaatiban

en1.8/summonMechanismsCars in one command! by steve1a minecraft avatar steve1a

enOfficial Release 1.8.x/summonGame modsNo Longer Alone/Girlfriend Mod in One Command Block by dudetheninja minecraft avatar dudetheninja

en1.8/summonOther itemsgarden furniture by bobdenney minecraft avatar bobdenney

en1.9 no other versions/summonOther itemslucky block mod by jbarneyw@gmail.com minecraft avatar jbarneyw@gmail.com

en1.10.x/summonTools & WeaponsPORTAL GUNS IN MINECRAFT VANILLA 1.10.2 by jld3103 minecraft avatar jld3103

en1.9/1.10x/summonOtherCool Banners 1.9/1.10x by sieyn minecraft avatar sieyn