enAny version that has commands!/executeOtherFIRE TRAIL!!!! by gb killerbeast minecraft avatar gb killerbeast

en1.12.2/executeOtherJump Boost Blocks1 by will284 minecraft avatar will284

enAll/executeTools & WeaponsThunder Bow by wither01 minecraft avatar wither01

en1.8/executeMobs & PetsHunting Tnt by dragon_gamer11 minecraft avatar dragon_gamer11

en1.16.5/executeOtherWall generator by dogemoji5662 minecraft avatar dogemoji5662

en1.8/executeGame modsbreak glass to shoot on glass by m_boy9 minecraft avatar m_boy9

en1.10 or lower/executeOtherFireball Command by jammygamer2 minecraft avatar jammygamer2

en1.15.2/executeArmorEyesToNextPlayer! by dnascanner minecraft avatar dnascanner

en1.11+/executeGame modsLightning TNT! by imumbojumbo minecraft avatar imumbojumbo

en1.14.4/executeSignsSign nether portal by arthurblg minecraft avatar arthurblg

en1.11.2/executeOtherTrail of Fire by alenfex minecraft avatar alenfex

en1.8 and 1.9 (1.10.1)/executeGame modsHow to make a magic egg? This I tell you! by crazy_cake_ minecraft avatar crazy_cake_

en1.12/executeMechanismsNerd Poling Command by dragonmaster630 minecraft avatar dragonmaster630

en1.13/executeOtherCustom Crafts vanilla by petit_juju minecraft avatar petit_juju

en1.10/executeMobs & PetsNew Golems! by wencyherrerapro minecraft avatar wencyherrerapro

en1.8+/executeOtherHerobrine Joined the Game by thebritishsquid minecraft avatar thebritishsquid

en1.10.X/executeOtherforever place any block by kristófgamer34 minecraft avatar kristófgamer34

en1.8+/executeOtherthebritishsquid joined the game by thebritishsquid minecraft avatar thebritishsquid

en1.12.1/executeCommand instructionsrainbow particle by gabriel708 minecraft avatar gabriel708

en1.18/executeTools & WeaponsOP arrows by bossfight3877 minecraft avatar bossfight3877

en1.7.2/executeOtherSnowball and Fireball switched place!!! by sword_fightace minecraft avatar sword_fightace

en1.12/executeChest setsThe Diamond Items for MC 1.12 by jbaxman minecraft avatar jbaxman

en/executeMechanismsFortnite Functions by char minecraft avatar char

en1.12/executeMobs & PetsSpawn Dr. Trayaurus [1.12] by jbaxman minecraft avatar jbaxman

en1.8/executeOtherTnT ONION by dave990 minecraft avatar dave990

en1.8/executeOtherTroll!! by ssuperminer minecraft avatar ssuperminer

en1.10.2/executePotionsthis is command block potion. by theredenginner minecraft avatar theredenginner

en1.8+ (i believe)/executeMechanismsno fall damage (at all) by _toastghost minecraft avatar _toastghost

en1.18.2/executeTools & WeaponsOP Arrows by bossfight3877 minecraft avatar bossfight3877

en1.8+ (i believe)/executeMechanismsno fall damage whatsoever by _toastghost minecraft avatar _toastghost

en/executeTools & WeaponsAwesome Whip-like attack by nemoturtle8 minecraft avatar nemoturtle8

en1.14.2/executeTools & WeaponsTNT bow by margvestv minecraft avatar margvestv

en1.9/executeTutorialsdingen by heedayg minecraft avatar heedayg

en1.12 /executeMobs & PetsSpawn Iron Golem by rexongaming minecraft avatar rexongaming

en1.8+/executeCommand instructionsTN-Tower by mogie_99999 minecraft avatar mogie_99999

enI did it on 1.12.2 but probably will work on most other versions./executeOtherBlaze Fire by blazester101 minecraft avatar blazester101

en1.8/executeCommand instructions/summon FIREBALLLLLLLL by poisonslime minecraft avatar poisonslime

en1.10/executeGame modsMake a TNT trail on all of your bows! by themagicat minecraft avatar themagicat

en1.13/executeOther1.13 Grappling Hook by alongcamen4te minecraft avatar alongcamen4te

en1.8.8/executeGame modsHidden Tesla by crazycreepers minecraft avatar crazycreepers

en1.8/executeCommand instructionsMagic snowball lightning by watergamingplayz minecraft avatar watergamingplayz

en1.7+/executeMobs & PetsBat Batalyon by dancowminecrafter123 minecraft avatar dancowminecrafter123

enany/executeOtherSUPER HACKER COMMAND(WALK ACROSS AIR) by thiccck_bob minecraft avatar thiccck_bob

en1.12/executeOtherpower bolt by michael2011_ minecraft avatar michael2011_

en1.11.2/executeOtherWater Wonders by alenfex minecraft avatar alenfex

en1.8/executeTutorials/execute by zayaman minecraft avatar zayaman

en1.17+/executeOtherglow particle by beyondplus minecraft avatar beyondplus

en1.8/executeOtherDestroy The World by floatymoaty minecraft avatar floatymoaty

en1.10 - 1.10.2/executeCommand instructionsPARTICLES! by thecupcakediva_ minecraft avatar thecupcakediva_

en1.8/executeTools & WeaponsFun Gun by haymagama minecraft avatar haymagama