de1.8/summonTutorialsKriechen by adrix007 minecraft avatar adrix007

en1.8/summonTutorialsHolographic Text Generator by bookshelf minecraft avatar bookshelf

enAll/giveTutorialsReminder for fat ppl, No offense ! by oytam minecraft avatar oytam

en1.8 Till 1.8.9/giveTutorialsHow To Get Your Own Head by sorato_gamer minecraft avatar sorato_gamer

en1.8/giveTutorialsHow To Get Command Block by happyrainbow minecraft avatar happyrainbow

en15w49b/15w49bTutorialsSinks And Tub By TheRedEngineer by angelo0129 minecraft avatar angelo0129

en1.8=1.10.2/tellrawTutorials[FUN] Troll your friend by areaday minecraft avatar areaday

en1.8.7/summonTutorialsGreen Lantern! by andersonlfgamer minecraft avatar andersonlfgamer

en1.10/setblockTutorials1.10 Test by awesome09 minecraft avatar awesome09

en1.11.2/giveTutorialsgodly sword by pandascience 303 minecraft avatar pandascience 303

en1.8.8/giveTutorialswater park 1 by sammyjay minecraft avatar sammyjay

de1.8/giveTutorialsMagische Handbuch by timo minecraft avatar timo

en1.9.4/warpTutorials/warp add namewarp by minecraft avatar

enEVERYONE/tellrawTutorialsCOLOR TEXT!!! by lykakspars minecraft avatar lykakspars

en1.8/summonTutorialsWhaaaaaaaaaaaat by ciagaming minecraft avatar ciagaming

en666.6.6/giveTutorialsSex School by steve666 minecraft avatar steve666

enBlackPuss.10/giveTutorialsPussy by steve666 minecraft avatar steve666

en1.8/sprTutorialsprefix by webglitch minecraft avatar webglitch

en1.8/sprTutorialsTitle Legendary Clan by webglitch minecraft avatar webglitch

en1.8+/fillTutorialsMy Newest Mansion by daredevilgt minecraft avatar daredevilgt

en1.12/tellrawTutorialsColored Text!!!!!!! by fire_and_ice_boy fire ice master youtube minecraft avatar fire_and_ice_boy fire ice master youtube

en1.12/createhouseTutorials/createhouse by fabricio minecraft avatar fabricio

en1.15+/oahdbohdbohbchasbiouhbhevbqoehbfohwebq8j3qhbf9uqbf0Tutorialshow to change a 1.12 give command to 1.15+ by omnom143 minecraft avatar omnom143

en1.12/GetTutorialsCommands for Newbies by mcpillager12 minecraft avatar mcpillager12

en1.14+/replaceitemTutorialsvillager defender by morudoru minecraft avatar morudoru

en1.14.4/summonTutorialstest00001 by okuma minecraft avatar okuma

en1.9/giveTutorialsMinecraft Stick by bedwarser2018 minecraft avatar bedwarser2018

en1.9/giveTutorialsminecart_command_block !! by mukarram minecraft avatar mukarram

enall/titleTutorialsBest Title EVER for trolling PEOPLE by 12gagek minecraft avatar 12gagek

en1.14/summonTutorialsHi y’all poops by mediateocean908 minecraft avatar mediateocean908

en1.8 or newer/giveTutorialsGet the CommandBlock (1.8 or newer) by lennon_exteme minecraft avatar lennon_exteme

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en1.7 or older/giveTutorialsGet the CommandBlock (1.7 or older) by lennon_exteme minecraft avatar lennon_exteme

en1.8-1.8.9/giveTutorialsBook(Russia) by monkl minecraft avatar monkl

en1.16.1/giveTutorialsnormal map by gatsbee_ minecraft avatar gatsbee_

en1.8/giveTutorialsHow To Get A Command Block! (Type in chat) [ Player = Your Minecraft Name] by ssaturdaee minecraft avatar ssaturdaee

en1.1.5/giveTutorialsyou canplace blocks in adventure mode this command is for mcpe by vitorpequino minecraft avatar vitorpequino

en1.8/summonTutorialsGhost I by nozziplex minecraft avatar nozziplex

en1.8/particleTutorialsGhost II by nozziplex minecraft avatar nozziplex

en1.8 , 1.9 , 1.10 , 1.7/"/summonTutorialsnotch vs HeroBrine Battle!! by i eat potato every day minecraft avatar i eat potato every day

en1.8+/xpTutorialsA LOT OF EXPERIENCE by duffler155 minecraft avatar duffler155

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enAny/ Modder by kathool minecraft avatar kathool

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en1.8.9/summonTutorialsBoss command my command by azerbaican999 minecraft avatar azerbaican999