en 1.9 /NoCommand Tutorials version 1.9 is known as the combat update, but also improves the End dimension significantly.

about the End:

The end generates tons of islands separated from the mainland by about 1000 blocks, and is now infinite. End cities generate on the islands far away from the center, and are pretty rare. They are purple and yellow themed, made from the new purpur blocks, the new end stone brick, purple stained glass, the new end rods, and decorated with banners. You can find chests, enderchests, and enchanted gold, diamond, and iron gear laying randomly in the towers.An end ship can sometimes generate next to a end city, and has the same exterior theme, and two chests in it. End cities are protected by shulkers, which look like purple/purpur blocks to blend in with purpur blocks. They shoot projectiles that chase you around, that you can destroy with one hit of your sword. The islands are filled with chorus trees, where if you destroy the bottom block the whole tree is destroyed. The chorus trees do not have leaves. Dragon heads are also added to 1.9. The End also spawns with the exit portal, but it is not lit until you kill the dragon and does not have the dragon egg sitting atop of it. The ender dragon now guards the area where the portal is by sitting on top of it sometimes, which is a great time to hit it with your sword. It shoots acid once in a while, which you can collect with a bottle to get a lingering potion, which can be combined with another potion for cool results. The acid does tons of damage, so run away from it. The highest pillars are also protected by iron bars, so you have to break them to get the ender crystals onthem by climbing to the top. When the dragon dies, the egg appears and the portal becomes lit, and you can summon the ender dragon again. (I don't know how). It will also spawn a end gateway portal behind the obsidian pillars, which you can use to teleport to the outer islands. (You need an ender pearl). 


You now have a second hand, accessed through the survival inventory armor slot, which you can use known as the offhand. Use this to hold a torch and a pickaxe for example, so when you right click it will place a torch, and left click it will break the block. Another useful combination is putting a sword in your dominant hand slot, and a shield in the other, so when you left click, the sword will attack (items can't attack in the non-dominant slot), and when you right-click ( since swords can no longer block), the shield will protect you. Tipped arrows with status effects have been added and the spectral arrow, that makes you glow, even through opaque blocks. Tipped arrows give you the status effect when you are hit by one, as well as spectral arrows. To craft a tipped arrow, combine an arrow with the corresponding splash potion, or surround the arrow with four glowstone dust to create a spectral arrow. Shields have been added to reduce damage taken. Holding right click reduces damage taken with a shield. Shields can be any color, like wool, and when combined with a banner that has the same base color, it takes the banners texture, but the banner is not consumed. You can repair shields in an anvil using wooden planks. To craft a shield, put 3 wool in the left column, 3 planks in the middle column, and 1 iron ingot in the center of the right-most column.


beetroot will be added, and is added in snapshot versions and now grows in villages, and can be turned into beetroot soup. 

For the scoreboard, the command 

/scoreboard players tag <player> <tag> [data tag], used like this: 

/scoreboard players tag @a[m=1] Creative 

would tag all all players in Creative mode with the tag Creative

You can also use this new argument for target selectors:

@a[tag=Creative] for example, to select all players with the tag creative

5 objective types have been added:

xp- the exact amount of xp the player has

food - hunger level of player (0-20)

air - the air the players has (300 when not under water, decrease by 1 a tick when head underwater)

armor - the amount of armor bar shown to reduce damage

level - the xp level of the player

New scoreboard teams option; collusion rule: whether can collide with other entities

Water splash potions have been added, which extinguish fire. If a trapdoor is placed on top of a ladder and they're on the same side, the trapdoor can be climbed like a ladder. Ender pearls can also be thrown in creative mode. Bows and fishing rods now have animations in the hotbar. Drawing back an arrow for a bow or casting a fishing rod. Also, a hidden block has been added, the grass path.

Also, the amount of protection gained from the armor is now an attribute modifier - generic.armor, and the attack speed is also a modifier- generic.attackSpeed. The attribute modifiers tag has one new tag: Slot. slot decides where the item has to be for the modifier to work: offhand, mainhand, feet, legs, torso, or head.



Are used for armor and hand items held or worn.

LeftHanded is used if the mob is left handed.

Weapon Damage and DPS (Damage Per Second)

Chart Rows Shown in this order: wood/gold tool damage, stone tool damage, iron tool damage, diamond tool damage, wood/gold DPS, stone DPS, iron DPS, diamond DPS, tool attack speed

            Damage                  DPS                            Attack Speed

Swords: 4 5 6 7                   5.8 7.25 8.7 10.15      1.45

Axes:     7 8 9 10                 6.3 7.2 8.1 9               0.9

Pickaxe: 2 3 4 5                  2.4 3.6 4.8 6               1.2

Shovel:   2.5 3.5 4.5 5.5     2.5 3.5 4.5 5.5             1

Hoes:  Attack Damage: 1, Attack Speed: 1,2,3,4  DPS:1,2,3,4

Pet deaths announced in chat

Brewing stands require blaze powder to use

New treasure enchants gainable though chests and fishing: 

frost walker: turn water to ice

mending: heal tools with gained xp at a rate of 1xp = two durability

Support for multiple boos health bars

Command Block modes:


Chain: If this command block is powered, command executes whenever a command block pointing into it executes a command.

Impluse: normal behavior

Repeat: command executes every tick while powered


Powered: Command block is automatically powered and does not need a redstone signal

Need Redstone: needs a redstone signal to execute the command.


Conditional: Used in chains to execute when the previous command block in the chain executed successfully

Unconditional: Default, normal behavior

The command

Note: Minify the command to avoid issues :)

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