en 1.14,1.15,1.16.x /summon Game mods

this is incredibly simple to setup***

> it features a color system where people can choose their colors like amog us

> took a long time for me to make

>2 imposters are chosen at the start of the game (tutorial to make 1 imposter later on)

> imposters can sabotage the nearest crewmate if they are within 15 blocks of each other by clicking their message in chat that says '[Sabotage]'

> imposters can see which crewmate is sabotaged in a message above their hotbar

> sabotaged crewmates are given blindness and are put on 1 heart for a 10 seconds only so the imposter is able to kill them quickly (but they have to do it quickly)

> death messages are changed to custom messages that do not expose the imposter

> imposters must kill all crewmates to win

> crewmates must kill all imposters OR beat the ender dragon to win


get everyone in the world (important because once the game starts, new players who join are not included in the game)

run the command in a command block with a powered lever on the side

press 't' and use the menu in chat to allow everyone to choose their colors by clicking on '[Choose Colors]'

recommended that you give everyone glowing effect e.g /effect give @a glowing 10000 1 true

start the game by clicking '[Start Game]'

your role will be displayed on you screen

once the game is over you need to make a new world because the variables need to be reset.


play in discord and when you are killed, turn off your mic

play on easy to lower the chance of mob deaths

have a rule where you cannot go more than 3000 blocks away bc that shit gets boring asf

have a rule where you cannot talk in disc while you are blind (only after the sabotage ends)

imposters should try to ask for peoples coordinates to "team up" with crewmates

imposters can still trap and kill people normally but its more fun when no one knows who they are

imposters can say funny shit like "omg [crewmate 3] fell in lava!" when they kill someone because the death messages are changed

if you want to make only one imposter, you need to remove the command inside the command block (delete the command only not the block) that has the following:  execute if score true gameStarted matches 1 run execute as @r[scores={imposter1=0}] run scoreboard players set @s imposter2 1

(it should be on the bottom of the command block set up)

if you want to change the kill cooldown, put the command in notepad and press CTRL+F and search 6000 and change all four instances to (seconds you want) x 20

eg. 6000 = 30 seconds, 12000 = 60 seconds

if u need help my insta is @samcrae

i hate myself for making this

amog us

The command

Note: Minify the command to avoid issues :)

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