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This one is pretty self-explanatory... You manipulate nature! This command, when activated via command block and redstone block, will create a machine which will give you certain bows and a few spawn eggs, along with a chestplate. The bows will destroy (or create, as that's the case with the rain-bow) things that are in their path, a certain block(s) type based on their names. The chestplate will allow you to automatically create tunnels while wearing it, even underwater! Look down to make it stop building momentarily, and look back up to continue. Last but not least, the 2 spawn eggs will allow you to create large structures instantly (a giant flower and giant dead tree). GL and HF!

Please note that the command does not require one command block. Once the first command is done, there will be a giant tower of redstone and command blocks, a halfway finished machine, and a blank command block that was not there before. Enter this second command into this blank command block, and then everything will work spiff.

The SECOND command is here:


The command

Note: Minify the command to avoid issues :)

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