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I figured out ill get better support by making a updated version of it so here it is Cool Banners minecraft 1.9/1.10x. This gives you 14 different banners. Also before i stop typing here i wanna say that the only reason my /give one command creations will start having /kill @p in it so that the players inventory won't glitch like it does without /kill but don't worry my command sets your spawnpoint at the exact place you were when you activated the command. and also does /gamerule keepInventory so you keep the banners when you get struck with that /kill command and also does /gamerule commandBlockOutput false just in case you don't want to the result of command block processing the command in it, I really hope you like theese custom banners that in my opinion are pretty neat, they could be neater but you know, they're still pretty cool. This is my second one command creation for 1.9/1.10x versions i hope you enjoy! :)

The command

Note: Minify the command to avoid issues :)

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