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i created a V2 because Kylun11 liked it wery mutch but time for the steps :)

Step 1.do /give @p command_block

step 2.place the command block and copy the first command

step 3.paste the command into the commandblock

step 4.then make a very fast redstone clock runing into the command block

step 5. then place a comparator sticing out of the commandblock

step 6. then take a redston repeater sticking out of the comparator

step 7.then place another command block into the repeater

step 8. then cope the second command and paste the command into the command_block

step 9.then take a stick and a anvil re-name the stick to LightningStick (remember caps lock) then take the stick into slot 1

step 10. now we are don i hope you like it :)

The command

Note: Minify the command to avoid issues :)

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