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  Allows you to view particles in game which is really cool. List of particle names:

Names in italic are upcoming in Minecraft 1.13

  • angry_villager - Particles that villagers emit when angry after being attacked
  • barrier - The particles that show up so you know where other barriers are when you old a Barrier block in your hand
  • block - The block particles: Block cracks and block dust
  • bubble - Seen when entities are in water, guardians shoot lasers, and when fishing
  • bubble_column_up - Seen in a bubble column when soul sand is placed underwater
  • bubble_pop - Seen when bubble columns reach the surface
  • cloud - Unused, looks like white smoke particles (like a cloud)
  • current_down - Seen in a bubble column when magma blocks are placed underwater 
  • crit - Seen when you perform a critical hit on any mob (hit a mob while falling onto them), also emitted by Evocation Fangs and fully charged bows.

The command

Note: Minify the command to avoid issues :)

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