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Overall Glitches:
-Defenses that spawn in structures will leave behind their structure if killed.

To start:
(Place a command block down, face east, and paste the command into the command block. Once done, activate the command block with a redstone block or button)

Diamond Guard
Location when given: first slot
Lore: A feared warrior who kills on sight.

-When placed, summons a zombie that teleports around and slaughters any entity in a 20 block radius of itself.
-Does not teleport to players but will still attempt to kill you.
-High damage and health.
-To counteract its strength, it will also break your own defenses. This is why I didn't nerf him.

Glitches: none

Location when given: second slot
Lore: A mortar that destroys all.

-When placed, it summons a three block structure that composes of the bottom being a nether brick block and the top two blocks being coal blocks.
-To sit on mortar, right click the top of the mortar with an open hand to sit down. (You can't access your inventory once sat down)
-To load, drop a piece of stone (get a stack before you mount the mortar and place it in your hotbar) in front of your player. Multiple pieces at a time will just make the next shot more powerful.
-Left-click in the direction in which you would like to fire to shoot a fireball that has an explosion power of 5.

-Aiming to far down will blow up the mortar and kill the horse that you are mounted upon. To fix, don't blow up the mortar.

Flare Trap
Location when give: third slot
Lore: Signals nearby forces to attack.

-When placed, summons a two block structure that composes of a fence and a redstone block underneath the fence.
-When a non-player mob comes near it, it will send up a flare (A large red ball) into the sky.
-If a mortar is within a 50 block radius of the trap, it will bombard the area with fireballs.

-Flare wont fly up if there is a mortar in a 50 block radius of it.

Spring Trap
Location when given: fourth slot
Lore: Launches mobs into the air.

-When placed, summons a single orange colored hardened clay block on the ground.
-If an entity comes near the trap, the mob will be launched 40 blocks into the air.

-Reacts to items that are dropped on top of it.

Location when given: fifth slot
Lore: (To lazy to go back and figure it out)

-Summons a four block structure that is made of an iron block at the bottom, a stone half slab above it, a nether brick fence above that, three air blocks, and a stone half slab above the two air blocks.
-Targeting is a bit slow in the beginning but when it finds an aggressive mob, it will hurl a fireball in its direction and kill the mob.
-If a mob gets to close, it will damage the mob with instant damage.

-Doesn't work in savannas and desserts.

C4 + Detonator
Location when given (C4) : sixth slot
Location when given (Detonator) : seventh slot
Lore (C4) : (forgot)
Lore (Detonator) : Tick tick tick BOOM!

-When c4 is placed, summons an armor stand with a piece of tnt on its head.
-When detonator is placed, the c4 will explode.
-Drop a shear to disarm all c4s.

-Can't be place next to each other.

Sponge of Doom
Location when given: eight slot
Lore: Sucks in mobs and doesn't let them out.

-When any entity (even players) stands on top of the sponge, they will sink down and spin clockwise.

-When standing on the edge between the sponge and another block, it glitches the player out and traps the player in the same spot.

Location when given: ninth slot
Lore: (none)

-Its quite self explanatory but what it does is disarms all traps in a 100 block radius.

-Diamond Guards will attempt to stop the process. To fix, move 20 blocks away from the guard and then place down the kill all egg to kill the diamond guard.

I hope this helped. If there are any problems with this command or this page, comment down on the youtube video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TeZZVOBxkjY) or send me a private message through youtube. If you have any ideas for my creation or any types of changes I should make don't be shy to tell me. (:

You can see sign break that and put redstone block

The command

Note: Minify the command to avoid issues :)

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