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The best way (yet) to get the twilight forest mod. i have The Ur-Ghast , The Hydra (still working on it...), and now, THE MINOTAUR here are some fun facts                about The Minotaur=    drops a Minotaur Axe. The axe has sharpness 3 and silk touch 2 on it. this will alow you to do about 11.25 attack damage. also you        can keep this as a prize                      Quote by:                                    dozey99   â€ƒâ€ƒâ€ƒâ€ƒâ€ƒâ€ƒâ€ƒâ€ƒâ€ƒâ€ƒâ€ƒâ€ƒâ€ƒâ€ƒâ€ƒâ€ƒâ€ƒâ€ƒâ€ƒâ€ƒâ€ƒâ€ƒâ€ƒâ€ƒâ€ƒâ€ƒâ€ƒâ€ƒâ€ƒâ€ƒâ€ƒâ€ƒâ€ƒâ€ƒ TM (Trade Marked)

The command

Note: Minify the command to avoid issues :)

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