St Kilda Islands Recreated In Minecraft General

St Kilda Islands Recreated In Minecraft

To mark World Heritage Day on 18 April 2017, education tech studio, ImmersiveMinds, spent over 125 hours and used more than three million virtual bricks on a 1:2 topographically accurate scale to recreate the isolated archipelago of St Kilda, a part of the British Isles located in the North Atlantic Ocean.

The Minecraft Marketplace Resources

The Minecraft Marketplace

Minecrafters who play the game on the Pocket and Windows editions will soon have the opportunity to further their enjoyment of the game through the launch of a marketplace, due for release with the 1.1 Discovery Update. The idea is that players will buy Minecraft coins through in-app purchases on their devices, and then use the coins to buy, for example, new skins, adventure maps, texture packs, mini-games, and more, with prices ranging from between $1 to $10 per creation.

We now have a blog! General

We now have a blog!

I just added a blog to make some ideas possible! I want to feature the best creations, do some monthly roundups, show you things you cant yet find here and also show you how you can use my tools!