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Down the hall into kitchen Mandy opened the door to the basement. The old wooden steps and the thin rail that led down to the silently waiting basement. Mandy grabbed a flashlight and down the steps she went. The generator was there, just as the realtor had said unfortunately the fuel needed to run it wasn't. Mandy swallowed and looked at the empty basement and spotted a box on a shelf a bit to the right of the generator. Carefully she lifted the box down and saw a beautifully crocheted blanket, an old diary, and a snowflake necklace with a pearl in the middle of the snowflake. Mandy put the necklace on and smiled. The house had been the beginning of a new start after her divorce. John had been cheating on her for months with the pretty blond at his job. It had taken a lot of gumption but Mandy had filed for divorce and left. Taking the blanket and the diary upstairs Mandy went and sat in front of the fireplace into her pleather couch

The blanket had beautiful snowflakes crocheted onto it and was buttery soft to the touch. Pulling it up over her pert breasts Mandy began looking at the diary. It involved a young couple who had headed west in the frontier days. Apparently they had bought the land from an Indian tribe and the journal detailed a description of the land. Woods, a creek, a stone structure that the Indians were allowed to use 3-4 times a year and permission to build the house far from the stone structure. Odd Mandy had not seen any stone structure but the woods were overgrown now.

William is out again with the local men and they have been out all night. A blizzard blew through last week and two Indian women went missing. William has insisted I stay in the house this last week and although I can't credit it I swear I hear my baby brother yelling my name. They still have not returned and when they do they all sit downstairs talking in whispers. I feel lost in that we are so far from the cities and others I could socialize with. I fear my brother's voice as he's been gone for many years from the Typhoid yet I hear him calling from the blizzard. William and the native men took our biggest buck and some bison they caught to the stones out in the clearing. They returned covered in blood but the strange calls from my brother have stopped for which I am grateful, let the dead rest. They have told me repeatedly that not one bit of snow must enter the house.

Chilled to the bone Mandy shook and curled up under the blanket a bit more. The wind shook the house and then the lights winked out. The fire stayed on and Mandy fell asleep in front of the fire only to awakened by a howling wind. The voice awakened her from a sound sleep and Mandy thought she heard her mother calling to her . Drowsily Mandy got to her feet and walked to the back door through the hall into the kitchen. The kitchen backdoor was old and ornate wood carved squares within squares. Outside the blizzard howled and beat the house viciously. Above the door an ornately carved Celtic cross hung with jewels on each side of the cross. The door felt hot and Mandy woke up more and looked down at her hand which felt burnt. Looking out the window of the door a man stood at the door. He was devastatingly handsome classic nose, thick red lips, and blood red eyes.